Utility Management and Consulting (UMC)

EMX Industrial Repair UMC service group will provide contract operation and maintenance services to private, municipal, and industrial water and wastewater treatment facilities and agencies throughout the South Jersey area and beyond.

Emergency call-out service is maintained 24 hours per day 365 days per year to ensure operational reliability at all locations serviced by EMX/UMC service group.

Our staff provides routine preventative maintenance to each of the facilities we operate and performs virtually all of the repairs to these systems including wastewater pump station repairs and treatment plant repairs.

All personnel are trained annually to work in confined spaces such as wet wells, man holes, and can lift stations.

One of the most popular services offers is Preventative Maintenance Inspections.

The number of customers who use this valuable service has continued to grow every year. The success of this service has been driven by the customizable nature of the inspection process. These inspections are designed to discover potential problems before they occur. A qualified technician will review all electrical and mechanical equipment. All work is documented and a report with inspection data and any recommended corrective action, is generated upon completion of job. Whether it is an annual, semi-annual, or monthly inspection, EMX/UMC services group will tailor an inspection to fit your needs and meet your budget.

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