VFD, DC and Soft Start Motor Controls

At EMX Electro-Mechanical, DCS staff has the capability of providing solutions for your drive and control system applications using electrical and electronic components. Whether the customer’s application requires an AC or DC drive, a simple contactor or a more complex motor soft starter, variable frequency device, or a sophisticated vector or servo drive, EMX can also design, install and and service the installation. Field services are provided when in need of servicing existing drive systems or to start up new systems.

AC Controls

Variable Frequency Drives

EMX works with customers throughout the region to identify the best possible motor drives and controls solution that will maximize the efficiency of a customer’s application. An electric motor that is matched with a properly 414ab75a53df80511b9ab28aeea3f366designed motor control or drive will experience a longer motor life, less downtime and improved energy and cost savings. These results are why our technicians work with you to find the right Soft Start or VFD for your electric motor setup. The complexity and variety of VFDs means it’s critical to pair the right VFD with the right electric motor application. Our analysis includes ensuring your motor is rated for VFD use; determining cable length; filter requirements, open or closed loop, inputs and outputs.

Using a soft starter or variable frequency drive temporarily reduces the load and torque as well as the inrush current of the motor during start up.  This reduces the mechanical stress on the motor and shaft, vacon-100-hvacand reduces the electrodynamic forces on the attached power cables and electrical distribution network, extending the lifespan of the system

Machine drives, primarily consisting of electric motors, pumps, and fans, account for about 50% of the manufacturing sector’s electric power consumption. The right drive system can reduce usage and energy savings quickly translate to dollars. EMX works step-by-step to provide you with the best variable frequency drive for your electric motor needs. We can even check for stray currents after installation to ensure that the motor is properly protected and does not suffer premature bearing failure.

VFD product options:
  • Micro-Drives
  • Industrial Drives
  • HVAC Drives
  • Extreme Drives
  • General Purpose
  • Washdown Duty
  • Fan and Pump
  • Vector Controls
  • Line Regenerative Controls
  • Quiet Drives

Soft Start Controls

Electric motors incur a tremendous amount of stress during start-up process. Soft start devices, as the name indicates, help ease this stress, thereby reducing the wear and tear.  While soft starters may not be as common as VFDs, there are many instances when a soft starter may be the right choice for your motor. Applications with pumps, conveyors and fans are prime candidates for soft start devices because of their characteristic stop-start nature. Soft starters minimize the start-up stress by slowly ramping up the voltage instead of blasting a static motor with a large energy jolt.

Soft starter product options:
  • Single-phase
  • Two-phase units
  • Three-phase units
  • Open-loop designs
  • Closed-loop designs
  • Voltage and current variations
  • Diagnostic sensors
  • Safety and mounting variations
  • Combination (Starter, Overload, Breaker)
  • Open or Enclosed

NEMA/IEC Controls

  • Magnetic Starters
  • Circuit Breakers & Disconnectscecb91949b69aac676954093a34ce8d8
  • Float Switches
  • IEC Controls
  • AC Controls
  • DC Controls
  • Pushbutton Devices
  • Definite Purpose
  • Sensing Devices
  • Pressure Switches

Servo Drives

  • Brushless
  • AC and DC

Dynamic Brakes

  • Programmable Ramp-Up, Ramp Down, Starting Pulse
  • Open or Enclosed
  • Torque Control
  • Single Phase Starter

DC Controls

Direct Current SCR Controls7002-2280509

Analog DC Controls

Low voltage PWM

Brushless DC


Digital Speed Controls

Digital Speed Pots

Speed Sensors

In addition to our line of products, EMX provides a total package offering system integration services, and after sales service and support, including:

Our technical staff can examine your current systems and recommend upgrades and retrofits to keep your production line running at peak efficiency.

For assistance in sourcing new drives and control products or upgrading existing production lines, Contact us for a Replacement Drive/Control