Electric Motor and Generator, Pump, Gearbox…Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Services

Predictive Maintenance for Machinery


Predictive Maintenance can help you avoid catastrophic failures and reduce unexpected downtime by identifying machines near failure or by monitoring a machine’s changes over time.

Electric Motors and Pumps that are on a predictive maintenance program will reduce the equipment’s overall downtime. Using a predictive maintenance program helps keep your machine meet your demands for higher production rates while maintaining closer tolerances.

Our predictive maintenance services for Machinery is a program that works to predict 1388592130ptM6tYxTaY5SYrpA9CfPeRCsqPID19-808when a machine component may fail or deviate from set tolerances. Knowing when a motor or pump is going to need repair is much better than having unplanned downtime – particularly during critical times of high production – and, as a bonus, it helps reduce repair costs on equipment that breaks without warning.

Program design consists of the implementation of “alarm level checks” on all machines. Although preventative maintenance on machinery is designed to reduce a manufacturer´s downtime, extensive diagnostic procedures could take machines out of service for longer periods than planned. Therefore, EMX works with customers to determine and advise on appropriate alarm levels. By implementing this fail-safe predictive maintenance procedure, it enables customers to determine when an electric motor or pump should be removed before a catastrophic failure occurs.

Machine performance is evaluated by setting up a predictive maintenance system to monitor Electric Motors and collecting current data using a combination of instruments, comparing it to baseline and historical data, our technicians can accurately predict when a machine will require repair, as well as the extent of services necessary.

During an EMX technician’s Predictive Maintenance Program on-site visit, they will also check the progress of a customer’s predictive maintenance program, and perform spot checks on machines. In addition, alarm levels will be adjusted, as necessary.

Benefits of Predictive Maintenance monitoring:

  • Life cycle history of product
  • Warranty trackingPredictive & Preventive Maintenance Image 1
  • Root cause & failure analysis
  • Energy analysis & savings program
  • Improved operator safety
  • Reduced environmental hazards
  • Increased production
  • Scheduled vs. unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced risk of catastrophe
  • Minimal repairs and less repair time
  • Reduced spare parts inventory
  • Improved product quality
  • Better utilization of maintenance personnel

Preventive Maintenance Programs

EMX Electro-Mechanical delivers customized Preventative Maintenance Programs to meet your specific needs and extend the life of your equipment. Preventative Maintenance is typically performed on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis.

  • Domestic Booster Systems
  • Fire Pump Systems
  • HVAC Pump Systems
  • Storm or Sewage Lift Pump Systems
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Pool & Water Filter Systems
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Cooling Towers
  • Chill Water/Air Handler Units
  • Electric Motors
  • Hoists & Cranes
  • Generators
  • Machines

The following items listed include some basic services performed during each comprehensive inspection based on the equipment under contract.

Check Amps & Volts on Motors & Pumps, Check Pressure Gauges, Check Alternate Relays, Check Contactors, Check Mercoid Pressure Switches, Check Pressure Reducing Valves System, Check Control Panel & Spray for protection, Check Circuit Breakers, Clean area, Cycle Pump to Specs, Check Air Pressure on Bladder Tank, Check Pump Operation, Check Vibration/Noise on Motor & Pumps, Lubricate Bearings on Motors & Pumps, Exercise All Valves, Check Amps & Volts on Pumps, Check Alternate Relays, Check Control Panel & Spray for protection, Check Jockey Pump and Panel, Check Pumps & Adjust Packings, Lubricate Bearings on Pumps & Motors, Check Amps & Volts on Motors & Pumps Check Vibration/Noise on Motor & Pumps, Check Heat Exchanger Temperatures, Check & Clean suction Guide Strainers, Check Emergency Beacon, Alarm System and Siren, Check Status Lights, Clean Guide Rails, Brackets, Pump Lift Cable & Float Switches , Test Check Valve Performance, Record Run Time for each pump, Check and Clean Cartridge Filters & Traps, Check Sand/ Sediment Filters and Backwash, Check Chemical Pump Operation, Check Disconnect or Circuit Breakers, Check Belt Tension and Integrity, Check On/ Off Switch, Check for Vibration, Check for Loose Screws on Housing Cover, Check Amps & Volts to Motors, Check Contactors/ VFD, Visual inspection of Fan Bevel & Cooling Infill Cells.

Crane Inspection Programs

Our inspectors are professional and reliable and provide you with a full equipment evaluation including condition monitoring, inspection reporting, safety compliance inspection and operational testing.

  • Brakes17247
  • Load Chains
  • Wire Rope
  • Hooks
  • Safety Latches
  • Chain Containers
  • Remote Systems
  • Pendants


Generator Maintenance Plan Inspection

• Engine Lubrication Systems: Inspect engine for leaks; oil and filters changedTypical-diesel-maintenance-schedule
• Engine Air Cleaners: Wet type: clean and change oil yearly. Dry Type: Clean or replace filter.
• Ignition Systems: Check magneto and replace spark plugs as needed.
• Governor: Check and set speed, sensitivity and oil level.
• Engine Cooling System: Check general condition, anti-freeze, coolant level, belts and hoses.
• Engine Electric System: Test battery and clean battery posts and cables.
• Engine Fuel System: Inspect for leaks. Check all connections and fuel lines.
• Engine Exhaust System: Check for leaks and corrosion.
• Instrumentation: Check all instruments for proper operation.
• Timers and Relays: Check for proper operation.
• Safety Circuits and Alarm Systems: Check for proper operation
• Engine: Run loaded when possible

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