Conveyor Service, Repair & Maintenance

Maintenance & Repair

EMX Industrial Repair can provide conveyor installation, maintenance & repair services. Types of conveyors include belt or roller conveyors, belt, line-shaft, chain driven conveyors, gravity conveyors, overhead conveyors & lifts, tilts & stackers.

EMX can troubleshoot the the system, including electric motor and control system. Let us help you minimize your down time by setting up a Preventative Maintenance schedule.

  • Conveyor belt repair and installation
  • Conveyor system troubleshooting
  • Rollers and Pulleys repaired or replaced
  • Electrical Control Panels, VFD’s, Photo Eyes, and Proximity switches replacement

Installation Services

Our installation services cover production and assembly line, and various types of material handling conveying equipment. With our service team you’ll find that they are trained to handle both electrical and mechanical installation issues, should they arise.

We install, service, and maintain all types of conveying equipment including:

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  • Conveyor Installation
  • Erecting Mezzanines and Conveyor Support Structures
  • New equipment Installation or Modification/Moving of Existing Systems
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Preventive Maintenance Services

Keep it Rolling…..

At EMX Industrial, we believe that the job does not end when the project is finished. Our experience has taught us that equipment will fail if not properly serviced and maintained. Having a structured preventive maintenance program that includes a detailed schedule of services, routine updates, and continued service checks is essential; and we will work with you to develop the best maintenance plan for your facility.

We will come to your facility, evaluate your run time and equipment models, and then suggest the frequency of the PM visits. On your first PM visit your routine tightening, greasing, and aligning procedures will be performed. We will also take notes on all repairs that are required immediately and those that should be considered. You will receive this information in a detailed report outlining the status of all of your equipment.

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