PLC Control Programming & Instrumentation

At the heart of every controls project is the programming involved to make an idea a reality. Our technicians have the training required PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human-Machine Interface) programming experience in a variety of industrial settings.

EMX’ PLC Control Programming and Instrumentation experts can configure and program stand alone or networked PLC-based controls and HMI control systems programming for manufacturing machinery, industrial automation, and factory automation projects.
With the necessary training to design/develop and program a number of manufacturer’s platforms including Allen-Bradley, Siemens, GE and others. Through our control systems experience, we are committed to providing reliable electrical control system and delivering optimized control design and programming. Sometimes it is crucial to reduce the PLC Cycle Time to increase the speed of mechanisms, such as High Speed Tool Changers. Writing an efficient code which does not waste any time in the execution of the PLC program can help to increase its response time.

Our program design technicians develop cost-saving solutions through a stringent analysis of your technical and business needs, a modernized retrofit of your existing control panel or integrated machine controls.

Our control panel building and control design & retrofit services include:

PLC Programming

We have experienced, highly proficient PLC programmers. Our group has developed a programming standard that provides for quick development, quality code and easy maintenance. Our PLC programming experience covers most of the available hardware and software environments including Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Modicon and GE. Our programmers are knowledgeable and proficient in the use of the international standard for programmable logic controller programming languages:

  • Ladder Diagram (LD)
  • Sequential Function Charts (SFC)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)

PLC Hardware capabilities Includes:Ladder-Diagram2

  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix, SLC
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix, CompactLogix
  • Modicon Quantum and Premium lines
  • Siemens Tia Portal
  • GE VersaMax
  • Koyo
  • Directsoft
  • System Design and Implementation
  • System Checkout, Commissioning, and Startup
  • Process Optimization
  • PID Loop Tuning

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

A simple to operate, reliable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a must for every control system. Our software experts will use today’s latest HMI packages to design the interface that is right for you.

From easy-to-understand graphics to advanced features such as data logging and trending, batching, and production reporting, EMX Industrial will provide a control system that will make your plant a pleasure to operate.

EMX/PLC Control Services has a wide variety of expertise in all the major brands of HMI software used in the marketplace today. As we work to understand your needs, EMX will do what is needed to ensure you get the best control system solution to fit your needs.

Our programmers bring experience in PLC and HMI programming for a range of applications, including:

  • Industrial processing
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Food processing
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Beverage processing
  • Specialty processing