Industrial Electric Motors

At EMX Industrial Repair, we specialize in motors and have highly trained personnel capable of assisting with motor selection based on application and need. With Customer Service available 24 Hrs a day and 7 days a week, we can significantly help reduce costly machine downtime. Our motor service group works with customers to keep their process moving with minimal delays. We have access to many of the top names in the industry which allows us to find the best electric motor for your application. Do you have a custom motor that you would like to repair rather than replace? EMX offers a full range of repair and rewind services on all brands of electric motors. Whether you are replacing/repairing an old motor or installing a new system, EMX Electro-Mechanical is your local electric motor specialist.

There are times when the field service team determines an electric motor or generator issue can no longer be repaired. Or, perhaps your production needs require a system upgrade. For those situations, we can handle specifying and sourcing the appropriate new equipment for your production environment. EMX Electro-Mechanical can provide many motor services including:

  • Conducting motor and energy savings audits at your facility to establish where newer, more efficient motors make economic sense.
  • Helping to determine critical applications where a spare motor may be required.
  • Working directly with the manufacturer on all custom NEMA and above NEMA motors.
  • Retrofitting applications where a new motor frame does not fit within the existing motor frame. We work with you to figure out the most economical solution in fitting a new motor into your existing application. This could include adapter bases or rails, changing the motor, modifying new motors, etc.
  • Providing all necessary technical documentation including: dimension prints, maintenance manuals, greasing schedules, frame charts, etc.
Motor and Drive

An electric motor which is matched with a variable speed drive VFD will improve energy and provide a cost savings and with the properly designed motor control or drive, will experience a longer motor life with less downtime. EMX Electro-Mechanical works with customers throughout the region to identify the best possible Electric motor and drive solution that will maximize the efficiency of a customer’s application.

Electric Motor Product Options:

AC Motorsbaldor_Three_Phase_General_Severe_Duty_Motor_ECP4404T_4__96836.1444937027.1280.1280

  • General purpose, TEFC & ODP, WPI, WPII
  • Single & Three Thase664735169
  • Premium Efficient
  • Severe Duty/Chemical Processing
  • IEEE – 841
  • Hazardous Duty Explosion Proof
  • Washdown & Stainless Steel
  • Jet Pump Motors
  • C-Face
  • Pump Motors -(Close – coupled JM/JP)
  • Vertical Hollow Shaft-WPI & TEFC
  • Farm DutyGE Verticalhv_85
  • HVAC
  • Multi-speed
  • Brake Motors
  • Inverter & Vector Duty MotorsHoyerbremsemotor2Dfritlagt
  • DC Motors & Controls
  • 200 & 575 Volt Motors
  • 50 Hz Motors
  • IEC Metric
  • Automotive Duty
  • NEMA Design C
  • Cooling Tower
  • Generators
  • Gear Motors & Speed Reducers
  • Shaker Duty Motors


DC Motors1341211245@APM-FC08A_gzmo705r

  • General Purpose TEFC, ODP, & Severe Duty Motors
  • Traction Motors & Generators
  • Forklift Motors
  • Magnet Generators
  • Servo Motors
  • Mill Motors

Parts and Accessories

Our technical staff can examine your current systems and recommend upgrades and retrofits to keep your production line running at peak efficiency.

For assistance in sourcing new electric motor and generator products or upgrading existing production lines, Contact us for a Replacement Motor