Machine Shop Services

Our Machine Shop Offers the Best Service and Standards

EMX Industrial Repair is a reliable provider of custom machining, short production runs, and manufacturing . Our machining facilities are equipped to machine or fabricate industrial parts and staffed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers . We strive to provide the most reliable and dependable mechanical services. Our skilled machinists have experience with rebuilding motors, generators and other related equipment, therefore we inspect, analyze and recommend the necessary equipment repairs, while meeting or exceeding manufacturer specifications. If a part or component is no longer available, it can be manufactured from scratch. Our capabilities include the fabrication of parts, refinishing of motor housings, journal repair, shaft repair or replacement, repairs using spray welding that include stainless to ceramic, pump impeller and wear ring rebuilding. The application of copolymers is used as protective coatings on pump and fan applications.

Quality Standards NEMA logo_0Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

EMX’ Machining Services has an in-house staff of skilled machinists and precision equipment capabilities to provide high-value metal fabricating and tooling while providing the highest quality of work. right_cncjrmill_smallSpecifications used by our Industrial Repair shop personnel for rebuilding electric motors, meet or exceed those established by both NEMA. (National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association) and IEEE. Our quality in workmanship stands out in those areas where other companies fall short. It is our focus on quality and affordability that propels EMX Industrial Repair ahead of the competition. Quality is the difference and reliability is the outcome.

Maintenance Machining

EMX Machine Services provides emergency service seven days a week for all your general machining needs. With in house AutoCAD capabilities, our machinists and welders provide custom designs in a variety of materials. Our certified weld process includes GMAW, GTAW, and SMAW. We provide industrial blasting and specialized coatings to meet customer requirements. Our in-house fabrication abilities complement our extensive experience with application engineering and equipment repair.

CNC Manufacturing

EMX has Manufacturing accessibility to small and large capacity CNC machines. Milling capacity. Close tolerance machining ensure finished products that meet the most demanding specifications. We will put our wide range of technical capabilities to work for you whatever your machine tool needs may be.

Machining Capabilities Include:

  • Parts Manufacturing2016-07-15 16.10.05
  • Finishing
  • Machine Repair
  • Shaft Manufacturing
  • Shaft Repairs
  • Keyway Repairs
  • Repair of Seal Fits
  • OD & ID Thread Cutting
  • Thread Repair
  • Bore & Bush Bearing Housings2015-05-20 13.27.16 HDR
  • Bore & Bush Pump Impellers
  • Manufacture Pump Wear Rings
  • Manufacture Bronze Sleeves
  • Manufacture Bronze Bearings
  • Impeller Trimming
  • Welding Services
  • Turn & Undercut Commutators
  • Milling Machine Services
  • Fabrication
  • Flame Spray Metallizing (Spray Welding)
  • Dynamic Balancingmetal-srpay
  • Turning, Boring, Milling, Broaching, Drilling
  • Plasma Cutting, Oxygen-Acetylene
  • Custom Design and Engineering
  • AutoCAD drafting
  • Assembly/sub-assembly
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Certified weld process including GMAW (MIG), GTAW (TIG), SMAW (Stick)
  • Industrial blasting and co2016-05-16 13.06.34ating
  • Industrial grinding and polishing
  • Custom Machine Work
  • Sandblasting
  • Helicoil Insertion
  • Blower Wheel Repairs
  • Epoxy & Ceramic Coatings and specialty
  • Bearing housing repair
  • Shaft and journal repair2016-05-12 14.13.24
  • Pump and blower repair
  • Impeller repair and trimming
  • Boring and broaching
  • Custom shafts/OEM replacements
  • Shaft and component remanufacturing
  • Precision Machining
  • 24 hour Emergency Service

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